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Atlas of Mustard Gas Injuries

Atlas of Mustard Gas Injuries

under supervison of Prof Kouki Inai     Date : August 2012

This book is an exemplary work of international scientific collaboration for the purpose of humanitarian assistance to war victims and to promote culture of peace which makes it a unique book in its field. It is the result of about 3 years of endeavor and cooperation between Iranian and Japanese researchers and physicians to collect and publish their experiences as a comprehensive study on health impacts of mustard gas, diagnosis and treatment of exposure related illnesses as well as health advice for the survivors and their families; the medical exchange finally led to compilation of the "Atlas of Mustard Gas Injuries" which has been written in three languages (English, Japanese and Persian) and published recently in Japan.

In writing this book, 27 medical doctors (18 Iranians & 9 Japanese) worked together and contributed; the “Atlas” has 22 chapters of which 14 chapters written by Iranians and 8 chapters by Japanese authors.