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Peaceful Communication Course was held in Bagh Azari

Local Urban Development Office of “Bagh Azari” in cooperation with Tehran Peace Museum held a course in four sessions on Peaceful Communications in Bagh Azari Neighborhood House in July 2019.

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This course was held in order to implement the “ Park Misagh” functional quality improvement project which aims to encourage the neighborhood to enhance their social interactions through participating in group working in the mentioned park.

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The primary object of this course was to teach the participants (who were women living in Bagh Azari neighborhood, working as social activists for improving habitual quality in this area) concepts like peace, violence and principles of constructive dialogue in peaceful communications.

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The facilitators of this course were Ms. Leila Mohammadi from Local Urban Development Office of Bagh Azari in collaboration with Ms. Yalda Khosravi and Ms. Nasim Yegane from Tehran Peace Museum.

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