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The anniversary of International Day of "Sport for Development and Peace", Hosting National Athletes in Tehran Peace Museum



Sport-and-PeaceThe anniversary of the international day of "Sport For Development And Peace" was held on April 8th, 2017 in TPM, hosting the athletes of various sport fields as volleyball, chess and mountain-climbing, as well as the representatives of related organizations. In the beginning, the guests visited different sections of TPM.


Then, Mr. Gholam Hashemi, warfare victim of chemical weapons and the volunteer narrator of TPM, recited the welcome message for the audience. Appreciating the participants for attending the program, he asserted that promoting a sense of tolerance, cooperation and peaceful-coexistence are of the TPM goals and such principals are well crystallized in athletic and championship sports.

Thereafter, Dr. Bahman Sobhani; a university lecturer, delivered a lecture titled "Sport, Social-Trust and Development: A Sociological View to Sport's Functions". After presenting an introduction to sport sociology and social capital, he emphasized on the role of sport in social-trust. He explained that sport establishes interactions among citizens and develops networks of social relationships in different levels of society. In the end, he described the relationship between sport, development and peace and stated that sport creates tranquility and trust within society which leads to increase of interactions and adjustment of prejudices among nations and therefore leads to a more peaceful world.

After his speech, a short clip titled "The role of Sport in Development and Peace" was screened and was followed by Ms. Maryam Zandi; mountaineering coach of charity institution Omid-e-Mehr. She first introduced Afghan girls of Omid-e-Mehr as the first group of Afghanistan girls who had ascended the mountain "Damavand", along with Iranian sportswomen and as well, she recited the message of sportsmen and sportswomen on this occasion. in a part of message is said "Nelson Mandela truly believed that sport can change the world, inspire and unit people in a way never imagined before. Sport can be creator of hope and an instrument to serve peace."

Moreover, Mohammad Rajaee Moghaddam; from United Nations Information Center in Tehran, highlighted the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the role of sport on them and said: "Sport increases health and welfare; promotes tolerance, mutual-understanding and peace; it contributes to social inclusion and equality; enables women, girls and every individual and the main part is equitable quality physical education in schools."


Ehsan Mohammadi Mahalati (the director of international affairs of Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality), recited the message of Dr. Mahmud Salehi; the head of this organization and stated that Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality is ready to play a greater role for progress and promotion of the culture of peace and sport in Tehran.

Furthermore, Ali Akbar Fazli; warfare victim of chemical weapons and the volunteer narrator of Tehran Peace Museum, recited the message of Irina BoKova; Director-General of UNESCO on this occasion. While highlighting the role of sports on physical health and social empowerment, Ms. Bokova stressed on the cooperation of UNESCO and World Health Organization against inactive life and announced the start of some plans in schools.


A symbolic chess game between Sara Sadat Khademalsharieh; International Master and Woman Grandmaster chess player and Gholam Hashemi; TPM volunteer narrator which ended 1-1 results was the final part of this event.


Some volleyball and sitting-Volleyball players of national teams, representatives of mountain-climbing chess federation and some guests of pertaining federations, Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization were participants of this event.


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