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"Strength, a prerequisite for peace"

araghchi-22-esThe anniversary ceremony of "National Day of War Victims" memorial was held in Tehran Peace Museum (TPM) on March 11th, 2017, with the presence of Dr. Seyyed Abbas Araghchi, guests from the ministry of foreign affairs (MFA), narrators and active warfare survivors of TPM, and warfare victims' families, as well as young volunteers of the museum and media staff. After visiting the museum, and paying tribute to the victims of war, the guests renewed meeting with the revered warfare survivors.

In beginning of the ceremony; Mr. Ahmad Salimi, the chemical warfare survivor and active narrator of TPM, welcomed the attendees and afterwards, a short description of TPM activities was recited for the audience.

Dr. Seyyed Abbas Araghchi, deputy for Legal and International Affairs of MFA, paid homage to the warfare survivors and considered them as live treasures. Moreover, He alluded to the necessity of introducing related facts and asserted on the role of visiting TPM, narrating and reminding of the numerous sacrifices in prevention of the repetition of such calamities.

Dr. Araghchi, who had been involved in the activities of The Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support (SCWVS) and TPM for years and had contributed to publicizing the chemical warfare survivors' situation, referred to the carried out activities in the organization and emphasized on the impact of joining the international networks for the demolition of chemical weapons. He also stressed the importance of preserving the power while having a desire for peace and considered the strength as a prerequisite to a peaceful attitude and an attempt for spreading the message of peace and preventing wars and violence.

Regarding the second anniversary of demise of Mr. JahanShah Sadeghi, the volunteer narrator and chemical warfare victim of war, the ceremony was followed by a brief recitation of the "oral history" interview with him, and display of a short clip regarding his memories of exposure to mustard gas as well as his social and peaceful activities in TPM.

In the end of the ceremony, the museum narrators offered flowers to warfare victims and survivor's families, the chemical weapons survivors and other participants.

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