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Ahmad Golami Fard

Essay and hope for life

Ahmad Gholami-fard, was born in 1964, Mashahd, Iran

Since he was a little child, he began to learn team working by helping other members of his family at work. Instead of going to school, he spent his time to help his old father with his job as a mechanic teaching other people the real meaning of self-devotion. On 1984, by the time his brother was back from his military service he became a soldier to assist his people and country. Soon on 1986, he and his comrades were injured by chemical weapons in the suburbs of Abadan and was hospitalized for healing his cutaneous, optic and pulmonic disorders. After his military service he got back to his family and continued his job.

Respiratory problems due to inhaling sulfur mustard weakened his ability of working and his pulmonary disorders were so chronic that he had to travel to Germany for his therapy several times.

Even these disabilities did not detain him from helping his family and children to build a brighter future. The severe obstruction of his upper respiratory system did not effect on his hopes and efforts in life.

Now he and his two high-educated children are happily living in Mashhad.