Waste management in Deylaman

DeylamanIn order to recycle dry waste and produce Vermicomposting from wet waste, Deilaman`s municipality has started a project on collecting and separating dry waste and wet waste at source and destination.
The aims of these projects includes having a clean and healthy city, creating new job opportunities, aiding the tourism industry as well as producing animal food.

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Commemoration Of International Day of Peace in Pardis

pardis-timOn the International Day Of Peace municipality of Pardis hold a photo and poster exhibitation.

The aim of this exhibitation promoting culture of peace and friendship in various aspects including environment and nature. and also attempting to nuclear disarmement and the prevention of war.this exhibitation welcomes people faced.

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Commemoration Of International Day Of Peace In Kashan

Kashan-Peace-Day-tiOn 21th september 2016 , on occassion of International Day Of peace Kashan`s municipality held  a ceremony . In this ceremony held  the first festival of children painting  with the slogan " children messengers of peace" and also the programs such as competition and show . at the end as the sign of peace and friendship  the  white balloons  flew.

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On occasion of international Day Of peace In Yunesi

younesi-timOn 21th september 2016 and occassion of Internationaj Day of peace ,Yunesi`s municipality installed peace massages in order to promote a culture of peace among the citizens and released Banki-moon`s massage on occasion of international day of peace in portal of municipality.


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Peace Messages in Safadasht on International Day of Peace

safadasht-timOn 21st of September 2016 and on the occasion of International Day of Peace, Peace Messages were installed in Safadasht city by Safadasht municipality in order to promote a culture of peace among the citizens.

Safadasht is member of Mayors for Peace since January 2016.


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Mayors for Peace Membership in Iran Exceeds 800

Peace-mayor-logoAccording to the Mayors for Peace secretariat in Hiroshima, as of January 1, 2016, the number of Iranian member cities reached 812. More than 700 new members joined in 2014 and 2015, which represents the largest single-country increase in two years among all countries.

This historical record was achieved by the team at the office for Iranian members of Mayors for Peace, which is based at the Tehran Peace Museum. They achieved this by consistently communicating with all the mayors in Iran and asking them to join our organization. Iran is now home to the second largest number of member cities of Mayors for Peace in the world after Japan.

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Commemorating the International Day for Remembrance of All victims of Chemical Weapons in Behshahr

Behshar-29AprilOn April 29th, 2015 on the occasion of International Day for Remembrance of All victims of Chemical weapons, Mr. Hamid Azmoudeh, the mayor of Behshahr and Mr. Esfandiyar Asadi, a member of city council, paid a visit to Mr. Abdian, a war veteran from Iran- Iraq war and a survivor of chemical attacks with very severe injuries.

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Mayor Thore Vestby, Vice-President of Mayors for Peace Visited Tehran Peace Museum

Mayor-Thore-VestbyMr. Thore Vestby, the mayor of Frogn, Norway and the vice-president of Mayors for Peace, visited Tehran Peace Museum, on December 8th, 2014.  After visiting TPM, in a meeting in which some Iranian mayors and municipality representatives were present, Mr. Vestby said that he is impressed by the work TPM and also the efforts of Mayors for Peace secretariat which is located in TPM. He said that by the help of the Iran Embassy and the Mayor of Oslo, he is trying to build a bilateral cooperation between Iranian and Norwegian Mayors for Peace member cities. Mr. Vestby also stated that he believes some Iranian cities are qualified to be known as “Leading Cities” not only in Iran, but also in the region.

To see the pictures of this event click here.

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"Peace and Gaza" Street show in Shirvan

Shirvan-Peace-Day-2014On the first of October 2014 the "Peace & Gaza" street show directed by Zakriya Shirmohammadzadeh was performed in the presence of a large number of people of Shirvan and supported by the Mayor of Shirvan, a member of Mayors for Peace. On the sidelines of the ceremony, people's altruistic aid to Gaza was collected by the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation.
To read this news on the Mayors for Peace website, please click here.

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 Mayor of Samen visits Tehran Peace Museum

Samen-CityMr.MohammadReza Bashari, mayor of Samen, in Hamedan province of Iran, visited the Tehran Peace Museum on September 29th 2014.

Samen city joined the Mayors for Peace on September 2014. The membership certificate of Samen was delivered to Mr. Bashiri during this visit.