Survivors of Halabja Gas Attack Visited TPM

Halabjeh​A group of families and survivors of Halabja gas attack visited Tehran Peace Museum on 25 February 2014.

In their visit, the representative of Association for Chemical Victims of Halabja appreciated the role of Iranian people in helping the victims of gas attack and making the people around the world aware of this crime. He continued that TPM and Halabjah Memorial Museum have strong relations. The manager of TPM welcomed their visit by saying that Iranian people and victims of Halabjah have a lot in common and they should stand together so these crimes would not happen again.

Halabja, a city in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) was gassed by Saddam's regime on 16 March 1988 and more than 5000 civilians were killed, many more still suffer from long term health problems.

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